IV Therapy Solutions

PMHPromedicare is the Irish and UK distributor of IV therapy solution sets produced by the medical device manufacturer PMH (Produtos Médicos Hospitalares). Established in 1990, PMH specialises in the design, development and manufacture of intravenous delivery systems and produces an extensive range of IV therapy solution sets as well as offering a custom design solution to suit individual customer specifications.
IV TherapyOur product offering includes:

  • I.V gravity administration sets, ported and non-ported
  • I.V gravity administration sets with needle free connectors, customised lengths available
  • I.V Graduated burette administration sets
  • I.V Administration sets with EASYDROP flow control device
  • I.V Administration Safety sets with hydrophilic filters and purge caps
  • Cytostatic Administration sets
  • High flow irrigation sets
  • Blood Administration sets
  • I.V Extension Sets including:
    • Straight line narrow bore extension sets from PE
    • Spiral narrow bore extension sets from PE
    • Wide bore extension sets, customised lengths
    • Extension sets with needle free connectors
    • Micro and macro bore 2 and 3 way extension sets with our without needle free connectors
  • Needle Free connectorSingle needle free connectors
  • Stopcocks and manifolds
  • Stopcocks with needle free connectors
  • Vial access devices for drug and solution preparations

PMH sets are DEHP free and latex free and can be manufactured with PVC / PE or POE. Should you require a customised set please contact us to arrange a meeting.