General Surgery

Surgical Gowns and Drapes

gen_gownPromedicare represents Full Support Healthcare’s range of surgical gowns, drapes, procedure packs and respirator masks. Full Support Healthcare (FSH), established in 2002 with its headquarters in Northamptonshire (UK), produces innovative healthcare solutions for safe and efficient surgical solutions. The company specialises in cost effective, single use surgical, medical and personal protective products.

In conjuction with Full Support Healthcare, we can provide an extensive range of Surgical gowns, supplementary drapes and drape sets to meet your requirements which include:

  • Standard / Reinforced protection Surgical gowns
    Visitors & Cover gowns
  • Warm up jackets
  • Universal drape sets
  • General surgery drapes and sets
  • Orthopaedic drapes
  • Obs / Gynae and Urology drapes
  • Head and Neck drapes
  • Opthalmic drapes
  • Cardiovascular and Angiography drapes

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easipakEasi Pack Procedure Packs

Easi pack Procedure packs – essential packs, essential benefits Essential procedurepacks are an innovative new concept created by Full Support Healhcare which provide a sterile range of quality and essential components for different medical and surgical procedures in one Easi pack!

The Surgical Procedure Packs have been created to suit a wide range of surgical procedures and are all about driving efficiencies in terms of both clinical practice and costs. There are a range of essential packs available for several specialties and we invite you to find out more [Read more]

gelitacel boxAbsorbable Hemostats

Promedicare Ltd. are the exclusive Irish distributors for Gelita Medical, part of Gelita AG who are the leading supplier of collagen proteins for the food, health & nutrition and pharmaceutical industries worldwide for more than 125 years.

Gelita Medical manufacture a range of market leading hemostatic agents including the Gelita-Spon and Gelita-cel product ranges [Read More]

Gauze SpongeThe Gelita-Spon absorbable hemostatic sponges include:

  • Standard sponges
  • Rapid sponges
  • IR Sponges
  • ENT cubes
  • Dental cubes
  • Tampon


gelitacelGelita-cel oxidised resorbable cellulose hemostatic gauzes are made from the highest Alpha grade selected cotton and the product ranges includes:

  • Gelita-cel Standard
  • Gelita-cel Fibrillar
  • Gelita-cel X-Sorb
  • Gelita-cel Ca Powder

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