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About us

We established Promedicare in 2008 to provide medical, surgical...

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Our Products

Promedicare monitors the most innovative manufacturers internationally...

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Supply Chain Ireland

Promedicare’s distribution partner for Ireland is Allphar Services...

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Supply Chain UK

Promedicare’s UK distribution is operated by Phoenix Healthcare Distribution...

Promedicare, an Irish-owned company, is the leading independent provider of quality medical, surgical and pharmaceutical products to medical professionals in Ireland and we have recently expanded our service to the United Kingdom.

We provide the same caring, personalised service that our professional clients deliver to their patients.

As an independent, customer-focused business, we work with a core group of manufacturers who value continuous product development to deliver clinically proven medical products. We also develop partnerships and customer service relationships with innovate manufacturers and we continuously review domestic and international health sector guidelines and best practices.

The medical device industry is constantly working to produce new and innovative solutions to improve human health and wellbeing. Busy medical professionals rely on us to review all of these new developments and we’re passionate about delivering the best solutions to our customers without compromising on quality or reliability.

Our customer focus and educational service is second to none. In partnership with Uniphar Hospital Services (Uniphar Group), we offer an excellent supply service to our customer base and our products are supported in the market with continuous education by our Clinical Nurse Specialists. We also work closely with our existing customers to source products and solutions upon request. If you have a specific request please contact us.

Promedicare. Uncompromising quality and service.